Parabolic Trough CSP Market Top Manufacturers, Competitive Landscape, Growth Rate till 2022

The global solar energy market is on a continuous and exponential rise around the globe. There is a rapid rise in the technologies associated with solar energy, and the CSP market supports various technologies. The parabolic trough is a thermal energy collector that is shaped like a parabola which is an efficient energy collector due to its curved shape.

This device is usually aligned on an N-S axis and the energy collector rotates according to the movement of the sun across the sky. The collector is made up of numerous Solar Collector Modules.

End User Industry
The manufacturers of parabolic troughs cater to the solar energy market in which various global or national firms are moving into. Countries all over the world have various projects for solar energy plants and on few occasions, there are tie-ups with solar equipment manufacturers.

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Market Dynamics
The aim of the governments all around the world is to attract various investors, both domestic and foreign, into the field of solar energy to have a multiplying effect on the initial investment. Many countries are rapidly accepting the change from conventional energy sources to renewable energy sources and the environment is completely in favor of this change. Solar energy, being the most readily available source of energy, is being backed the most.

Market Segmentation
In the concentrated solar power market, the parabolic trough is a segment of the market which is known for its unique technology. Parabolic heat energy collectors can be divided according to the mirrors used, which can be either a single parabolic mirror or many smaller mirrors arranged in rows. The shape of the parabolic trough can be either a U-shape, in which one or many parabolic mirrors are used or a V-shape, in which two mirrors are placed at a particular angle and joined on one side.

Regional/Geographic Analysis
The European countries have many policies strongly favoring the solar energy sector. Big Asian countries like India and China have many projects in various parts of the countries and this attracts investors from all around the world. The North American market is also stable and there are many requirements for upgradation along with many new projects.

Massive improvements in the manufacturing technology used in solar power plants have led to the reduction in the cost of solar panels which has resulted in a reduction in the cost of solar power generation. The strategic policies of the governments are also being molded in the favor of solar power generation, which would increase the proportion of solar power in the energy mix of the world. The rise in the parabolic trough CSP would be among the maximum in the solar division due to its high efficiency.

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Established firms all around the world are investing in solar energy as it is supposed to be the most reliable source of renewable and clean energy. There are great opportunities to invest in or establish businesses catering to this market.

Key Players
The major key players catering to the parabolic trough CSP market are Acciona, Abengoa Solar, Torresol Energy, GDF Suez, Iberiolica, Schott AG, and Millenium AG.

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